What are Plant Assets? Types, Examples, Accounting & Depreciation

Most companies, especially those that run fully in-house and do not rely on other parties for production or processing, require land. Even if a company does not operate on-site or own property, many businesses profit from purchasing land, even if … Read More

How to Write a Credit Memo Easily A Complete Guide

This means it’s advising you of your credit and how it can be used. While it’s often used automatically if you have an outstanding balance, you’re still notified so you’re aware that your credit memo reduces your balance. No matter … Read More

What are the Pros and Cons of a Fixed Budget? with pictures

A common way to set up a flexible budget, for example, is to budget for variable expenses based on level of output. It forces you to think about what expenses you expect to incur (both variable expenses and fixed expenses) … Read More

Recording Inventory Journal Entries in Your Books Examples

Adam received his master’s in economics from The New School for Social Research and his Ph.D. from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in sociology. He is a CFA charterholder as well as holding FINRA Series 7, 55 & 63 licenses. He … Read More

Accountant Near Me BBB: Start with Trust®

Some of these elements are done more regularly than others to ensure that the books are always up to date. Other elements are completed at certain time periods as necessary to complete a business task. Georgia has written extensively about … Read More

Nonprofit Accounting 101: Step-by-Step Guide

Use of ANAFP’s website, resources, publications, tools, materials, and email lists are subject to ANAFP’s Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. By following best practices and carefully monitoring all the money received and spent, you’ll be able to serve those … Read More

Анализ рынка медной руды и концентратов в России :: РБК Магазин исследований

Перечисленные выше факторы оказали негативное влияние на уровень потребления цветного металла. Долгосрочные перспективы для меди остаются положительными. Планируется, что спрос на возобновляемые источники энергии, инфраструктуру, а также на инвестиции в автомобили увеличится. 2008 год — цена меди на бирже металлов … Read More

Top 15 Small Business and Startup Accounting Tips

FreshBooks pricing starts at $15/month for the Lite version, which is perfect for freelancers and contractors, with the option to move up to the popular Plus plan at $25/month at any time. In order to follow the accounting equation, all … Read More